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Teachmate is based on a powerful dot-net technology based web software engine that makes it surpass the features available in any other engine currently available on the net. Some of its salient features are:

  • Extremely user friendly design that is self explanatory and follows a simple step-by-step selection of actions.
  • The engine is based on innovative extensions to e-learning standards, that include user registration, course/ test selection, course-attempt planning, attempt and analysis of attempt.
  • User Registration is absolutely FREE. As a registered user one can also take various Tests and courses that are available for demonstration purposes. This is as per TRY before BUY policy.
  • Easy schemes for purchasing subscriptions for paid versions of tests and courses.

e-Learning Features:

  • Structured Learning Content: The course content is organized in a structured hierarchy:
    Course >> Module >> Lesson >> Topic
  • Learning Content Types: Self-paced course, Student material, Instructor material.
  • Learning Components: Class Presentation, Instructor Material, Home Assignments, Lab Exercises.
  • Assessment Content: A large bank of multiple choice questions is available for each module and is organised into units and sub-units.
  • Topic presentations with voice narration: Each topic of a self-paced course is explained in a logical sequence with diagrams, illustrations, and examples with flash presentations with voice narration. One may read the text corresponding to the narration. Links to additional learning material are provided.
  • Video lectures: Some of the courses contain pre-recorded video lecture sessions.
  • Key Learning points: Summary of each lesson is presented in the form of Key Learning points to reinforce learning.
  • Key Terms: Important terms of a lesson arranged alphabetically are provided along with their descriptions.
  • Questions and answers: A large bank of FAQs, searchable by keywords is made available to students along with their answers.

e-Testing Features:

  • Large question data-bank created as per ISO 9001:2008 standards.
  • Test data contains extensive logic with different difficulty levels, unit priorities and sub-unit priority settings to prepare a dynamically controlled test-session that is most near to the real life examination as set by panel of experts.
  • Full Length (All units) and Unit Testing Modes (single unit).
  • Facilities of setting your own test-plan by changing test-duration and no. of questions.
  • Automatic Paper Setting with new questions coming in each test-paper.
  • Test-Session with comfortable navigation and timing facilities.
  • Detailed Performance Charting of each test-session with Test, Unit and Sub-Unit level performance records.
  • Performance record details carry informations like questions presented, questions attempted, questions correct, percentage of accuracy and marks.
  • Graphical and tabulated analysis tools with comparison of scores with own self and with other users.
  • All performance records of a user are stored on the server till the expiry of user account.
  • Review of questions presented in a session is available with detailed solutions where ever applicable. Answer keys are always shown in each review session.
  • Marking pattern of each test is separately adjustable.
  • Negative marking may also be set if desired.
  • Marking pattern is settable at each sub-unit level.
  • Detailed course coverage of each test is displayed.
  • Test data is maintained at back-end with version control, expiry control and starting date control.